A Way to Coat Ceramic Super Conductors

August 14, 2012

If a Grand Unified Fact Theory [GUFT] claims to be true, any Grand Unification Theory, however elaborate, will have to be more beautiful, elegant, and simple, in order to displace it. This is not a tall claim. It is a broad argument which, through different routes, applicable scientific advancements, and suggestions that will leave scientists with creative avenues to explore, is being made through the different sites I post on.

More coming on this. And some (which can enable further,) has come already, here AbbasZaidi.org/EM_Space.html
and in clarification of a brief suggestion at the post above, here:

A method of coating the Ceramic Superconductors as connected beads, or coated-bubbles is suggested here. This can be raised from a babel-like tower wherein are joined Fiberglass cables that will be raised by increasing numbers of balloons, (to begin the construction process). For construction of? Well, read the url above. It mentions a coated (sprayed-on) use of ceramic superconductors, to create vast electromagnets, enabling increasing loads to be launched vertically, including to and beyond geosynchronous orbit.

These brittle compounds are known to be non-ductile, at present applied by spraying to create circuitry, as in the examples of our friends at DiamondSystems.com & others doing interesting work with carbon nanotubes. [Links materializing.] So this is very easily possible, if we create a spraying mechanism that sprays it in a double-helix fashion.

My thought here is to create a fluid bubble, one ideally where the fluid form of the initial spray-compound stays liquid – within the shell. This bubble, in the shape of an Omega, straddles the entire length of the cable, in a double or quadruple-helix if doable. But any cross section looks like a double-sided mickey-mouse silhouette, or quadruple-sided [graphic coming]. This gives us a continuous route for current, despite minor tremors or swaying cables on stormy days. There should never be contact between any parts, unlike the story that good old Arthur C Clarke wrote in the chapter referenced above www.zengreentea.info/now/EM_Space.html


What Can Be Birthed By A ‘Father Of Dirt’?

March 1, 2011

The sands of my true origins, were trying friend to call me home..
Yet home, where the heart belongs, was not to me clearly known!
Because the heart ends up in dirt, in visions and my deductions;
was home then merely Pak-o-Hind, or was my TRUE origin shown?

This I ask of you my dear, O you reader of these lines:
‘What do you think brings you here?’  Messages are ALL divine..
Every moment is a portent (aayah), every event is a sign:
words you read are meant for U, don’t U say that these are mine!

Can past events ever determine, what the future may behold?
The stuff of stars can become me, babies sometimes become old..
What then says, that I may not, in honest, conscious, soul desire:
take my self and ask to BE, to become then Noor (*Luz) untold?

This I’ll ask you if you let me, do you ‘O my dear’ now see?
Is this how, you would allow, your own LIFE to come to be?
If what U thought was lost to U, could be found & be in reach,
would U then not choose to make, with this knowledge, history?

[* Luz is Light, the inner light that is shown in paintings of saints, sacred objects and places, in many religions of the world.]
Context and Explanation of Esoteric Concepts.

I see this poem as a lesson to its reader. It makes obvious references to a few mystical concepts of Sufism, and seminal facts regarding the father of Sufism in Islam, Ali ibn Abu Talib (on him be Peace). One of his titles, given to him by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace & blessings upon him and his), is Abu Turab, “father of dirt”.  I have always asked, and wondered, what might that mean? Well, it is that thought I am responding to here. Those who wish to know, those who seek, will find a lot to ponder in these words. I certainly do.

The poem itself was composed many years ago, (it was only three stanza’s, or quatrains,) and came alive only recently, when I saw a picture that reminded me of a memory from my childhood. This memory was supported by a vision, so the poem returned as a reminder, bringing with it the final stanza, or rubai. Those who have experienced such things may agree that we know a lot more than we sometimes give ourselves credit for.

The very real and literal “memories of our infancy”, which many people discount yet we all possess, are far more valuable, and generally worthy of consideration, than most will ever permit! Our internal discourse, analysis, and via deduction, ready wisdom, is possibly more accessible to most people than developing intuition, or internal clairvoyance.

I have seen many seekers get stuck in trying to decipher the mysterious aspects of the self, when so much is readily available if we mine the apparent-self, that which is visible to us! This is based on our memories, wherein lies the school of the soul. We need not meddle with the unseen when entire universes of realization are clearly accessible, even if they seem mystical. I see this realized in the poem “Secrets Of The Self“, scribed hurriedly by my dad in 1999. The translation makes it a multilingual composition.

All this is based on the quote of Imam Ali Karam Allah Wajhuhoo:
Man Arafa Nafsuhoo, faQd Arafa Rabbuhoo! (which I translate as)

Dharma Walks: The predawn hike to Twin Peaks

October 18, 2006

Knowing that you’re about to be hit by an onrushing train can lead to a strangely relaxed resignation. My own (inalterable?) fate is in such a state since I have returned to the Medicine Buddha, committing to the Morning Walk. This is a half-hour hike up to Twin Peaks in San Francisco beginning at 4:50 AM (from Douglas & 27th) every morning, lead by shaolin monks. Some of the walkers come from as far as the Medicine Buddha temple, located at 2 Shotwell St @ 14th St (between Van Ness & Folsom .. around the corner from Rainbow Grocery..), while others drive up. We all congregate at the home of Master Wang, the foundation and corner-stone of this healing space, and carry lots of hot water to the top for all to drink.

Four litres (1 Gallon) is the recommended dosage, and that term is applicable since this (HOT) water is the strongest, not to mention the oldest, medicine known to man. I find myself in a strange place, since I know the processes I will be going through, yet that does not help in observing its effects on my own body. This is hard work, waking up in the cold and walking fast at the most Godly hour known to this man. It is said that we are closest to our true divinity at this time, especially those fortunate ones who can contemplate in silence without distraction. The climb is necessarily a solitary affair, and the Qi Gung or Tai Chi on the top of the mountain doesn’t need too many words of description to those who are familiar to the disciplines. Those who aren’t, won’t be learning anything new in reading this post – they are more than welcome to meet us between Diamond and Douglas (1.5 blocks up from Castro on 27th..) We stayed up there until sunrise in the summer, (now until the hot water is gone.. which happens much earlier,) hearing the teachings arise from within. Whether it arises from the teacher’s soul or the student’s mind, conversation up there is never short of facinating, and the hot water flows. Those who cannot finish their’s will enable the more experienced ones to be better hydrated for the day. By the time we descend, we’re satiated for yet another day of anything that life might throw at us.

Such is my state at present. Six months before my return I was drinking my 4 litres and was so completely hydrated that I never needed to drink water after sunset. Now I am hard-pressed to drink half that, because I had been forced to give up the way. So now I meditate -standing or walking- in direct observation of the processes I know my body and psyche will face, trying not to let them ( i.e., the environment of my self,) influence my mind.

Crazier things have happened.. lets see how this one fares.