A Way to Coat Ceramic Super Conductors

If a Grand Unified Fact Theory [GUFT] claims to be true, any Grand Unification Theory, however elaborate, will have to be more beautiful, elegant, and simple, in order to displace it. This is not a tall claim. It is a broad argument which, through different routes, applicable scientific advancements, and suggestions that will leave scientists with creative avenues to explore, is being made through the different sites I post on.

More coming on this. And some (which can enable further,) has come already, here AbbasZaidi.org/EM_Space.html
and in clarification of a brief suggestion at the post above, here:

A method of coating the Ceramic Superconductors as connected beads, or coated-bubbles is suggested here. This can be raised from a babel-like tower wherein are joined Fiberglass cables that will be raised by increasing numbers of balloons, (to begin the construction process). For construction of? Well, read the url above. It mentions a coated (sprayed-on) use of ceramic superconductors, to create vast electromagnets, enabling increasing loads to be launched vertically, including to and beyond geosynchronous orbit.

These brittle compounds are known to be non-ductile, at present applied by spraying to create circuitry, as in the examples of our friends at DiamondSystems.com & others doing interesting work with carbon nanotubes. [Links materializing.] So this is very easily possible, if we create a spraying mechanism that sprays it in a double-helix fashion.

My thought here is to create a fluid bubble, one ideally where the fluid form of the initial spray-compound stays liquid – within the shell. This bubble, in the shape of an Omega, straddles the entire length of the cable, in a double or quadruple-helix if doable. But any cross section looks like a double-sided mickey-mouse silhouette, or quadruple-sided [graphic coming]. This gives us a continuous route for current, despite minor tremors or swaying cables on stormy days. There should never be contact between any parts, unlike the story that good old Arthur C Clarke wrote in the chapter referenced above www.zengreentea.info/now/EM_Space.html


One Response to “A Way to Coat Ceramic Super Conductors”

  1. michaelanderson Says:

    This is kind of inspiring. Is your reference to Author C. Clarke a way of standing on the shoulders of a giant, or is it a continuation of the idea he proposed? He wanted to raise a cable from the equator to Geosynchronous orbit, and then out another distance equal to what was going down to the earth. The cable couldn’t manage the head that the tired generated on their point of contact. So are you proposing that a magnetic levitation approach be taken?

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